Financial Care Beyond Budget Workshops

Financial care starts with a heart for caring for people beyond budget workshops.

At The Crossing Church, we have...

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Glass House Ministry

Partnering with churches to provide financial training, counseling and care resources to the Church body

Our Life Support System: C.P.R.

One event can shatter a family’s life financially. Glass House Ministry works in partnership with churches and organizations to help CARE for, PREPARE for, and RESTORE the financial wellbeing of families.

CARE 411 – Our Care 411 program provides churches with procedures and resources to build the framework for a Benevolence and Immediate Needs ministry.

PREPARE – Our “Making Cents” workshop offers culturally relevant money management guidance designed to teach practical and biblical stewardship principles.

RESTORE – We offer one-on-one counseling for families in financial distress, including mentoring, accountability and support systems. Through this highly committed effort, we can begin to restore families from hurting to healing and self-sufficiency.

For Churches

Find out how Glass House Ministry can help you provide resources and tools that are vital to the financial strength of your Church and members.

For Families

Find the critical financial tools, resources and support you need right here.

For Partners

Are you looking to sponsor a ministry committed to helping families build financially and spiritually sound practices for generations?